Friday, January 18, 2013

Male Gymnasts In Action

Whilst drawing sample comic pages for a script that caught my fancy I realized that I needed to practice drawing people doing all sorts of cool, crazy moves. What better way to do that then to draw some gymnasts in action right? So for a couple of days I have been doing just that and I'm going to continue doing so throughout the week. One video I came across went over the names of the different types of moves which is super awesome, because now I don't have to just see it as people jumping and flipping. This will also help me greatly in 2016 when I'm half watching the tv screen and the gymnasts are out there doing their 'thang', so to speak.

It would be more helpful if they were nude so I can figure out exactly what the body is doing underneath those clothes. Until I come across those vids I'll just have to utilize everything I learned in my anatomy class for the meantime. Thinking of people as geometric shapes instead does help a bit I must confess.

All of these done with a pentel black colored pencil on a Canson sketchbook.