Saturday, May 23, 2015

MTA Subway Sketch Series #11: Nice Guy Edition

Just another day on the train.
Sometimes, you ride the train and think to yourself, at 8:30am: I just want to do a small comic  of this today. It'll be quick; shouldn't take too long. Then you start penciling it when you get home. As you are erasing your pencil marks you think: It would be best if I don't get too fussy. Just draw it and be done with it.

Now you're inking. You get lost in the mark making and realize that you need to finish this soon.

Well, it's time to scan. Looking at on the computer screen you think: Maybe I should change that. About 20 redraws in you force yourself to move on to colors. You are trying to come up with a color scheme, making sure that your values are contrasting.

Then comes the big question: Should I shade/render it?


You just remembered that you were going to keep this flat, no shading. Good, you just saved yourself another hour or 2, because you have other work to do tonight. You need to go to bed anyways. Eyelids are weights. Decision making abilities are almost at a crawl. It's already 4am. Work is in 5 hours.

I have to letter this...

The grim realization wakes you up, giving you your second wind. You look through old files to find fonts and word balloons. One of your fonts is missing. Upon locating it you abandon it. Doesn't quite match the comic anyways. This new one does. Now it's done...

...or so you thought, because you need something more to it. Then you look up a technique you saw employed on something that looked cool and now it's time to try it for yourself. Sometime later you come up with something that looks ok. It's time to post it.'s fuzzy...can't read it. Time to re-size again. It's 5:30 am...about 2 hours until you need to get up. But whatever, that's fine.

At least the comic is done.

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