Sunday, October 20, 2013

MTA Subway Sketch Series #8

First sketch post-NYCC. I was so tired from the con that I spent most of my days on the train sound asleep. This was the first time in the week I was awake enough to bust a sketch out. This particular morning I saw a woman sound asleep with with a very neat hairstyle. I wanted to just draw it, but I decided that I rather liked what was going on around her so I tried to capture it as fast as I could. After the woman woke up and left, the woman whose hand is closest to us sat down and was fast asleep. She was asleep in such a funny position that I regretted not being able to capture her. If only I didn't have to go to work...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Character Designs from Upcoming Comic

After meeting the very talented writer Ellen Goodlett we decided to work on some short stories together. It's a collection of short stories that we will post for you to read and enjoy. I have gotten pretty far into the project so it's time to start posting some elements from it.

The first story is called 'Single Serving.' When I received the script I wanted to avoid designing characters and spaces on the fly so I took the time to mull over them for a bit before I began designing. 

Drake.  His design called for a suit. As I was drawing him I realized that I didn't really understand how business suits draped along the body. That is the reason my sketchbook is full of drawings of men in business suits. Once, during lunch, I hung out at an outside area filled with men in suits. I followed them as they walked, sat, ate, laughed and etc. I even managed to get a few down on my sketchbook before some of them ran off. The best source is always the subway. They sit there there for a long time not moving, some sleeping or talking to whomever they are with. It's helped me a lot during this project. 

 I wanted to make her look sexy without having her having to breasts and butt hanging out. So I gave her a simple dress with spaghetti straps.The most issue I had was with her face and every time I drew her again she looked different. I even did a character emotion chart and still the same result. Her design ended up taking up a life on its own.

Leader. Claire. Andy. 
 They are side characters, but I wanted everyone in the story to look as unique as possible. The one that stuck out the most to me while designing them was Andy. Andy reminded me of someone that I used to know. He was a big guy with a huge attitude.

Man. Woman.  These two don't have a major part, but I really liked them. The man's design called for a suit so I decided to give his an interesting twist. For the woman, I thought a nice short bob would be perfect for her. Even though not pictured here I did put her in clothes. 

Within in the next week I'll start posting up panels and when we create more headway I'll post the link where you can read it.