Thursday, November 28, 2013

MTA Subway Sketch Series #9: Comic Edition

As the MTA turns...

I am almost at the end of my Fill-A-Sketchbook-In-A-Month challenge. While checking out another student's sketchbook I saw that they had started containing all their sketches in boxes. When I asked why this particular method he said that this allows him to work on his compositions. Also, to get used to working in a comic format. This was such a great idea that I decided to try it. I took the idea a bit further and worked out complete layouts for each page.  

The biggest challenge I came across in doing this was that it was forcing me to draw as fast as I could since I only have one train ride to fill up an entire page. I have to make even quicker decisions and filling in the blanks at times. It's something I have come to really enjoy doing and it makes drawing from life even more fun. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spider-Man Sketch from Dare2Draw

Genius costume.

Spider-Man is easy to draw. Real easy.

I was fooled by the web motif in the red part of the suit, but upon further examination I realized it's simple and rather ingenious design. There's been a ton of variations, but it says a lot when it's still the main outfit of a character that's been out for more than a few decades. I guess the same could be said of Superman's outfit, but I still think that Spider-Man's costume takes the cake. Why? You have everything you need in a superhero costume: a means to hide your identity; no clunk and any addons are camouflaged or incorporated into the suit; the powers/nature of the superhero are communicated through the costume so it's not a guessing game; and somewhat easy to move around in. While Superman's design is iconic/classic in its own right, it just not Spider-Man's outfit.

So why this random doodle of Spider-Man you ask? I was at Dare2Draw's end of the year party at the Art Director's Club. There was an open bar, food, models, and plenty of guests (such as Heidi MacDonald from The Beat, Shane Davis, Amy Reeder, and Bill Sienkiewicz.) I kept running around the floor trying to capture the model with the most interesting poses, but this particular time I decided to draw the dude who took the time to bring his costumes and even change into another one for the second half of it. Also, it was the perfect opportunity to draw Spider-Man.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Illustration Week Seminar Sketch

Last week was Illustration Week. All throughout the city were various events and parties to celebrate it. On Tuesday was Illustration Next at SVA. Steven Brodner, the figure at the podium, displayed a lot of amazing works from many talented illustrators. Only a few artists are linked on the page which is a great shame considering how many were featured.

The date on the top left corner represents the day the picture was completed. I don't usually do this, but I am taking part in this challenge to fill up a brand new sketchbook by November 30. Not sure if I can do it, but we'll see.