Saturday, February 16, 2013

Digital Painting Studies Series #1: Portraits

Painting studies of 4 women.

2013 is the year of the Portfolio. So to kick things off I drew a piece that had about 14 figures in it. Then I realized something important: I was having issues executing the piece. Frustrated, my only option was to find a more efficient method to painting in Photoshop. Remembering a picture I had saved of someone practicing portraits, I decided to follow a similar path. Yet, taking it one step further than they did.

The goal is to get about 4 of these out p/week. As you can see there was a gap between the 3rd and 4th one. The first drawing of the 4th one looked like some weird alien so I had to redraw/repaint it. So far it's a nice exercise. It's also a great way of learning how to convey the various complexions and shades of people.

Completed in photoshop.

Friday, February 15, 2013

MTA Subway Sketch Series #4

See that man on the top? I let him have my seat and then pulled out my sketchbook immediately to draw him. It's as if he emerged out of some movie or book just so I could draw him. It was so awesome!!!

MTA Subway Sketch Series #3

While I waited in the stalled warm car due to 'congestion' at 11pm at night, I did blue sketches with my 0.5mm blue lead pencil. (The red ones were completed on the LIRR in the morning.) On the upper left hand corner was what appeared to be homeless man or vagrant just talking to himself. A little later into the ride a man sat next to him and offered him a lollipop. The vagrant politely declined and just kept to himself in utter silence. It got me to thinking how people usually keep their distance from such people in the train and outside. Part of me wondered if the people being ignored tend to feel a little less than human when that happens.

Whatever the case may have been, the vagrant got off the train and went about his business. Where he may have been off to, I have not the slightest clue.