Monday, April 14, 2014

Sketching @ The Strong Female Protagonist Panel @ SVA & Some Exciting News!

(There a ton of links to visit in this post.)

I attended the Strong Female Protagonist Panel @ SVA moderated by Keith Mayerson around April 1st (so this sketch is a bit old). A few of the panelists included Shelly Bond (Vertigo), Alitha Martinez (whom I have been a fan of ever since I met her back in AnimeNext some years ago), & Raina Telemeiger. The panelists spoke about their careers, how it is to be a woman in the comic industry, and about female characters in comics. I also got to speak to Phil Jimenez, Alice Meichi Li, and Regine Sawyer from Lockett Down Productions and had a great discussion with all of them. This particular picture was from when the panel was going on.

Since I have been drawing the comic I have been working on with Ellen Goodlet I decided that it was time to practice inking more. So I found a brush pen I bought at Kinokuniya Bookstore (I can't recall which one it is in particular) and set off to draw only using only that for the next 3 months. In this particular pic this woman with the coat kept moving. I know I said that it's important to try and memorize and then draw, but I was trying to study her coat and the shadows it made.  I could have just shaded in the rest of it, but I decided to just focus on the rest of the image instead.

Also, I did mention that I was working on a comic in the last paragraph. It's called 'Single Serving.' I posted the character designs in this post some time ago. Well, I have some great news: It's going to be published in Amy Chu's Girl's Night Out: The Way Love Goes. It's going to be a bonus story. Being a fan of Amy's I am really excited about being apart of her project. I'll post details when it's released.